The support site is being hosted on, while I sort a few issues out.


Colour Schemes

I am experimenting with different colour schemes for WordPress and Twitter, and perhaps also for the main site. They are easier to read, and offer greater contrast, so they may be the way to go.


The way the schemeis implemented depends on the app:

  • In Twitter, Night Mode is selected by the user, not the designer.
  • In WordPress, the 2017 theme offers 3 different colour schemes.
  • In HTML, colours are selected by CSS. The CSS file used in my website has evolved into a complete mess. There is not much content left, and it needs tidying up, so maybe it would be best just to start over.

New Category for Chromebooks

Sales Manager running on a Chromebook.

Given the importance of Android support in Chrome OS, a new category has been created for posts about Chromebooks. The user can view all posts related to Chromebooks, by clicking on the link on the right.

Android v6.0.0

No more Customer Map

The Customer Map feature has finally been removed from the Android app.

It was always a vanity project, that was technically ingenious, but hardly ever worked. It was difficult for the user to set up, and it kept getting clobbered by updates from Google, which was anxious to monetise its technologies.

The guidebook and user manual will be updated in due course. At the moment only the menus have been patched, in case anyone is actually using the feature.


New look Support site

The support site for the Sales Manager has been revamped. It has a cleaner look than before, and contains some features previously found on the main site.